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Triple Treat

Saturday was a marathon movie day for me starting off with Zootopia, an animated film that delivers a rather adult message. Personally, I feel this film is lost on kids although the animation is stunning.

Up next, The Jungle Book, the Kipling classic made into a film that even Walt Disney would have a hard time believing it was animated. The boy that plays Mowgli is the only real thing in the movie, everything else was computer generated in a warehouse in L.A. Even so, the movie is truly magical, a feast for both the eyes and the ears.

Finally, to end the day, I enjoyed an hilarious Italian film, a part of the Italian Film Festival in Portland last weekend. There are two film genres that the Italians do well — drama and comedy. Ma Che Bella Sorpresa is the latter and funny it is. I laughed ’til I cried. There currently is no way to view this movie, but Netflix may end up streaming it someday. They have a pretty good foreign film library.

Until the next movie – Ciao!!