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From Scotch eggs to sushi, manicotti to mofongo, food is heaven sent.

Bongo, Bongo, Mofongo Supreme at Boriken Restaurant

Mofongo is a dish native to Puerto Rico. I didn’t know what in the world it was until I read a review of Boriken Restaurant in Beaverton. Nearly every review raved about their mofongos. Never shirking away from trying something new, I ordered the mofongo with chicken.

mofongo at Boriken RestaurantAs it turns out, mofongo can be made in different ways, but the way Boriken serves theirs is probably a step above  even restaurants in Puerto Rico. They start with cooked and mashed plantains which are a kind of banana. Then they line a bowl with the mashed plantains and fill the cavity with chicken, beef, vegetables or seafood in individual sauces.  This is a presentation that you don’t see everywhere.  OMG, just writing about it makes my mouth water!!

My sister, who I drag along with me on my food adventures, spotted potato balls stuffed with ground beef. Somehow, coming from good Polish stock, we can’t seem to pass on anything potato. This was a delightful little appetizer, especially if you happen to absolutely love potatoes.  As a main dish she had stuffed avocado with chicken. It was quite good, but not nearly as delicious as my mofongo.

It’s unfortunate that there were only two of us at the table. There were so many dishes that looked so tasty I wanted to try each and every one. Of course, I didn’t have the budget or the appetite for that. Needless to say, I will be coming back for more.

If you decide to try Boriken — and I recommend that you do if you live in the area — don’t be put off by appearance. Located is a tacky little strip mall on Canyon Road, this gem of a restaurant is a pleasant surprise inside with a decor somewhere between industrial and rustic.  Nothing, however, detracts from the food.