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Shop JCP For Quality and Value

Why Jacque Pennay is having such a hard time getting shoppers into its stores is beyond me. Perhaps it’s because the Millenials think of it as an old and old-fashioned brand. Perhaps Boomers are much more accustomed to spending a whole lot more on clothing.  And perhaps everyone in between just doesn’t see the brand as relevant anymore. Whatever the reason, I simply just don’t get it because JCP is my go-to store when it comes to clothing.

Why?? Very simple. They offer a wide range of good quality clothing for the whole family that won’t break the budget. Their clothes are stylish without being faddish – a must for anyone on a budget.  Their major house brand – St. Johns Bay – is as good or better than  you’ll find at high end Nordstrom’s.  I have some SBJ clothes that I’ve had for over 10 years and I still wear them.  I can buy Clark or Aerosol shoes at a discount. And they have a very large selection of athletic shoes.

If you’re looking for household items, their bath selection is as good or better than Bed, Bath & Beyond — and a whole lot less expensive.  The store isn’t big on kitchen/dining items. You’ll have to shop elsewhere for these.

JCP also has an online presence