Russia Is Responsible For Trump’s Win

putin helped trump win electionNo matter how many people say that Russia’s email hacks did not influence the outcome of our election, it simply isn’t true. Those hacks and subsequent weaponization of them is the only reason we are confronted with the scariest president-elect in our history. I would even go so far as to say that Donald Trump conspired with Vladimir Putin to throw the election his way. Trump’s ego is too big not to have wanted to win, and now he is indebted to Putin.

It’s doubtful the polls had it wrong on election day. I believe that Hillary Clinton was leading in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota which ultimately gave Trump the electoral votes to win the election. Instead, Russia calculated the fragile mood of voters in those states and allowed the Trump political machine to target them with last minute fake news  and vitriolic rhetoric attacks on Hillary Clinton thereby triggering a change of vote by only a few thousand disgruntled, ignorant and uninformed voters to cast their vote for what promises to be the most detrimental administration ever to occupy the office of president.

And who is sitting in the wings licking his chops over this injustice to the American people? None other than Vladimir Putin. Not only will he have a pro-Russian president at his disposal but a cabinet full of pro-Russian hacks who clearly have more to gain by an alliance with Russia than not.

Rex Tillerson, recent ex-CEO of ExxonMobil and Secretary of State appointee, is a case in point. With a $500 billion Exxon oil deal sitting on the back burner due to U.S. sanctions, a pro-Russian government and Tillerson himself would no doubt have those sanctions lifted allowing the deal to move forward benefiting who exactly –certainly not the United States but definitely ExxonMobil and by association Rex Tillerson.

Yet another scary prospect concerns NATO. A pompous Donald Trump is threatening to pull out of our long-term European alliance while Putin sits with tanks and troops on the borders of previous Soviet satellite countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania waiting for the moment he can attack with impunity and bring back under Russian control.

Putin needs the United States, but we don’t need him or Russia. The Russian economy is virtually non-existent. Military production is the only thing keeping it afloat. All Putin needs is an excuse to use his military might, and America’s withdrawal or even its reduced support of NATO would offer Putin just that. Let us not forget the Crimea incident. Do you think a pro-Russian government with a disdain of NATO would retaliate?

Russia simply has too much to lose not to have a pro-Russian American government. Putin is much smarter than Donald Trump. He is a devious, calculating, sociopath who will go to any length no matter how dangerous to get what he wants.  He is a far greater threat than Trump can even think of being unless you consider Trump’s threat to his own country. Trump’s danger is his complete ignorance of world affairs other than for his own personal “brand.” He, too, is a sociopath in a less evil way.

So it made sense for Putin to influence the election. Hillary Clinton would not have furthered his agenda. There was much planning and calculation that went into his covert operation to get Donal Trump elected president. If the CIA, FBI and NSA dig deep enough, I’m confident they will find it and discover too late that Russia is responsible for Trump’s win.

4 thoughts on “Russia Is Responsible For Trump’s Win

  1. Robert Sparkes

    WOW…who are you? From the looks of it you’re a retired old hunting dog that never ran with the big dogs…It’s been 2 months now since the election and I can understand America’s youth being upset…you know how kids are, but you profess here to be a mature man and no doubt possess some wisdom…so where are you coming from…are you folks on the left that pissed off to make $$hit up or are you still on the weed from the 60’s…good golly yoo can’t prove a stinkin’ word you wrote…do you believe it? or is this just more personal destructive politics?

    Good luck selling this snake oil…oh and by the way…when your 401k and other investments hit all time highs soon, I expect all you na sayers to give the money back…it wouldn’t be right to except a gain from a racist, nazi, womanizer like Trump…you people got principles and live by them….oh oh no wait again, seems to me there was a lot of talk about moving to Canada from the Left and no ones gone yet! I guess you’ll be keeping the money too…Duplicitous, Arrogant and Snake Oil selling Lefties are low down folks….when were we going to see you guys go HIGH like the FLOTUS said…Never, I know….I’ve been voting since 68….

    Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

    1. wilsonca Post author

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I do not, however, appreciate the use of profanity on my my website. At that rate, your language is as childish as the idiot you voted for.

  2. J. Hewison

    Candee I see nothing has been posted on your site for almost 2 years. What’s going on? Do you have any interest in selling your domain name?


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